Brazing & Metal Treating Services

Keep your production on schedule with expert brazing done right the first time.

We specialize in brazing and annealing of stainless and carbon steel.

Our services: brazing, assembly, and annealing. The brazing process utilizes alloys such as copper or nickel.

Our goal is to provide brazing, assembly and annealing services that help you keep your production on schedule and manufacture high quality parts so that you can always fulfill your customers’ needs.

Delivering Expert Brazing & Metal Treating Services Since 1973

At Franklin Brazing & Metal Treating, we know you want to be confident in your supplier, so you can focus on what you do best. In order to do that, you need the right partner to help you create a smooth manufacturing process.

We believe you deserve a manufacturing partner that cares about your success. We understand the ramifications if you don’t get the parts you need when you need them. That is why we’ve spent more than 50 years helping companies just like yours get their parts brazed, assembled, and annealed right — on schedule and high quality — the first time.

"Franklin Brazing has done a great job of providing us with a quality product, delivered on time."

Matthew Etherington

Yokohama Industries Americas Inc.

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What Our Customers are saying

My organization, Fluid Handling Technology, requires the outside processing services of a Contract Brazing provider as part of our core product focus. Between 2006 and 2015, FHT had developed working relationships with three contract brazing organizations. Each one was our single source for this process at the time.

Tim Burlingame

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Each of these suppliers failed to meet our performance requirements. The majority of these issues were related to “on-time” delivery and lack of communication. Promise dates were not met on a regular basis resulting in constant communication initiated from our team in order to seek reliable information.

These frustrating delays caused internal shifts to our production schedules as well as missed or delayed shipments to our customers. The outcome had a negative impact on our internal and external metrics requiring more of our resources directed to “fix” problem suppliers.
Early in 2015, I was called on by the sales engineer of Franklin Brazing and Metal Treating (FBMT) subsequently leading to an on-site visit of their facilities. During this visit, I was struck with the cleanliness, organization and the use of clear visual work instructions. We discussed the performance issues and frustration we were experiencing with our current supplier. FBMT leadership shared their “on-time” metrics, and, more importantly, communicated the honesty and integrity of their organization.

During Q1 of 2015, we shifted our brazing requirements to Franklin Brazing and Metal Treating. Prior to our first shipment, FBMT worked with our materials and purchasing group to standardize dunnage, lot sizes and labeling conventions in order to streamline the process. We worked together on order sizes and frequencies to optimize turnaround time. FBMT immediately achieved 100% “on-time” shipments to FHT compared to 78.7% with our previous supplier. This performance has been consistent to the point that we no longer gather metrics on our outside brazing.

As a direct result of FBMT performance, FHT was able to reduce lead-times of our products and improve our “on-time” delivery metrics by 4% surpassing our overall goal for 2015. Our largest customer, Daimler Trucks North America, awarded FHT their Masters of Quality Award for 2015 and 2017. The honor of this award is presented to a very small percentage of suppliers. As a result of these achievements, we were awarded a contract for $2.5M beginning in 2017 and an additional $1.5M mid-2018 resulting in an overall sales growth of 52%.

FBMT continues to offer design and process consultation as we pursue new business. Their focus is on helping us gain profitable business and achieve our goals so that we succeed together. I continue to recommend Franklin Brazing and Metal Treating to my peers and associates due to the tremendous success we have achieved working together.

Tim Burlingame